Use Cases

Headaches and adverse circumstances arise from trying to protect secrets in multi-cloud and service driven environments. Stale systems, key reuse, long-lived encryption and the resulting challenges of incomplete audits create significant burden on IT staff. 


Through automation, these issues can be eliminated and handled ahead of time. Through key discovery, process classification and the ability to dynamically rotate keys, Ntrinsec fights the biggest, systemic source of successful cyber-attacks — key compromise.

Automate Certificate

Provisioning & Refreshing

Customers need to automate their certificate provisioning and refreshing processes:

  • Makes it easy to automate certificate inventory
  • Takes advantage of automated certificate rotation

Without Ntrinsec, provisioning certificates require manual effort and unanticipated expirations can interrupt service.

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Reduce Time and

Cost of Audits

Audits for cyber security compliance mandates such as PCI, SOC2, HIPAA< GDPR, ISO27001, etc. require that firms:

  • Provide an inventory of all keys and their rotation history
  • Verify adherence to policies about single use, rotation schedule, cipher, etc…

Ntrinsec saves 80% of the cryptography related tasks by automating the current expensive manual functions.

See Inventory

Respond to a

Cyber Security Drill

When there’s a cyber security drill, warning or incident, it’s imperative that firms are ready to:

  • Quickly evaluate and report on their cryptographic key practices and policy adherence
  • Rapidly and confidently rotate keys

However, often these are weeks long efforts requiring specialist SecOps and DevOps staff to get involved.


Kickstart assessment

of Post Quantum Readiness

Ntrinsec helps you start your quantum preparedness program and track your progress:

  •  Automatically builds and updates a “secrets free” encryption key inventory 
  • Automatically provides the use of each key enabling classification & prioritization
  • Reports on cipher type enabling assessment for vulnerability to Quantum attacks
  • Print inventory progress reports for collaborators, auditors, and managers 

In less than 1 hour, Ntrinsec will map your quantum risk so you can plan your defense and remediation strategies and justify your budget request. 

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Evaluation during

M&A Due Diligence

Acquirers need to evaluate for compliance and SecOps practices as part of the due diligence efforts:

  • Conduct or assess the quality of required compliance audits of target and acquirer
  • Assess the processes for managing key lifecycles
  • Quickly provide an estimate of the costs to bring the acquisitions EKLA into compliance
  • Estimate the costs to integrate EKLA into the acquirers process
Evaluate Process

Executive Assessment of

New Responsibilities

When an executive is assigned responsibility for cloud solution(s), they need to quickly:

  • Assess the state of “their” encryption key lifecycle management
  • Assess the processes for managing key lifecycles
  • Quickly prioritize efforts to correct any deficiencies in processes
  • Report to their leadership of the state of EKLM, risks, and plans, schedule, and budget required to remediate
Prioritize Efforts

Reduce Workload

of Specialists

Ntrinsec customers need speciality staff to manage their key lifecycles:

  • Each software project requires time from specialist SecOps and DevOps staff
  • These specialists are expensive to recruit and retain, so they are rare

Ntrinsec greatly reduces the need for specialist SecOps and DevOps staff.

Manage Lifecycles

Build or Improve


Customers need to optimize their software development processes:

  • Make it easy to automate inventory
  • Applies policies with fault resilience
  • Takes advantage of automated key rotation and choice of cipher
  • Takes advantage of Hashicorp Vault’s key generation and key escrow

Without Ntrinsec, processes vary widely and all required specialist SecOps and DevOps staff.

Automate Inventory